Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cake and Stuff

Baseball was rained out again today. Since the season started, we've only been able to play one game. We were supposed to have a make-up game yesterday, but that got rained out too. I think the rain is about to end-I certainly hope so. We've had enough. Anyway, so we got another Saturday at home, which is good. The bad thing is that both boys are sick. Riley stayed home from school yesterday-he had a slight fever by mid afternoon, and felt yucky. This morning he felt much better, no fever all day, just a horrible cough. Quinn on the other hand has a pretty high fever-it was 102.1 this afternoon. He's had a fever off and on all day, and has spent most of the day on the couch. Poor guy. What's even worse though is that Riley's birthday party is tomorrow. We are taking some of his friends to play laser tag. I don't think Quinn will be able to attend though, which means the two friends he invited also won't attend. Poor Quinn. I feel really badly for him. We are not a lucky household lately.
I spent some time making this bracelet today. I made the buttons (fabric buttons from a fabric button kit-you can get them at Jo-Ann's), and then I glued them onto these flat pieces, and attached them with jumprings. Easy peasy.
Here's Quinn and his trusty friend-the dog. Although I think the iPad could be considered a trusty friend too, especially when one doesn't feel that great. You can see his pink fever cheeks. He did put more clothing on later in the day. Both boys have complained that the house is cold. Riley's in bed now, with three blankets over him.
Riley felt so good that we had him clean his room. It is much improved. It was a wreck before.
Kevin made cupcakes.
Kevin made a cake.
I used my giant bottle of green food coloring (whew-good thing I had enough) to color the frosting...
...and then turned Kevin's creations into a giant Lego cake for Riley's party tomorrow. I cut the tops off of the cupcakes and then put them upside down onto the frosted cake. Frosting those cupcakes, with their crumbly sides, was no easy task, but I got it done. I'm happy with the outcome. That boy loves his Legos.

Prepared for tomorrow. I used the cupcake tops and made them into big frosting-filled cookies. I'll let Quinn eat those, since he won't be able to join us tomorrow. Poor Quinn. I am sure Grandma will treat him extra special. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow.

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