Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick House

We have had a DAY today. Riley woke up in the wee hours of the morning, complaining of a sore throat. We got him a cough drop and some water, and got him back to sleep. When he woke up at his regular time, he did not feel well at all, and continued to have a sore throat, and also a fever of 103 initially. All of that meant there would be no birthday party today. He was really disappointed. He's looked forward to it, and we always have to have it after his birthday, because we are always waiting on the game schedule for Quinn's baseball. We felt horrible for him. Luckily the laser tag place let us reschedule (for April 17-another wait). We were able to call all of the families and let them know the party was postponed. Ah the joy. Oh but that's not all, because Quinn started to feel worse when he got up, and then he started throwing up. Nice. Oh and then Riley's computer hard drive died. Dead. Kevin spent most of his day at the Genius Bar, Fry's and at home, installing the new hard drive and getting it to work. It's finally up and going, but Riley lost all of his saved stuff. Quinn is much improved but Riley is not. He slept for several hours this afternoon and then went to bed early. I am staying home tomorrow with both boys. Riley gets a trip to the doctor to see if he has Strep Throat.
There was lots of couch sitting today. Quinn and Maya.
Riley and Maya.
Oh yeah, and we cut into the Lego cake. I'll make another one for the rescheduled party. We do not have a freezer big enough to freeze it, so we figured we may as well eat it. We do have quite a lot of cake products in the house, so I think I'll take some to school to share. Teachers are always hungry.

Kevin and the furniture shredder and house pottier. That dog has done nothing but crap and pee in the house, with all the rain we've had. It's daily. It's driving me nuts. She apparently doesn't like the rain-hey many of us don't, but we know where it's appropriate to potty.

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