Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucky #13

It's a big day around here! It's Riley's birthday and he's 13! 13!!!! I am now the mother of a teenager. OMG. Where does the time go? I don't feel a day over 30!
We had dinner at Red Robin-Riley's choice. Riley opened presents. He scored big time! This gift was from Quinn. It's Dicecapades, a game with 100 dice. This is right up Riley's alley.
Next up, a free Lego set that came with the White House Architect set we got him.
The next gift. What on earth could this be???? It's such a unique shape.
It's a Zelda DS game-0ne that's not being made any longer. I bought a used copy off of Amazon, because I didn't want to pay the almost $60 for a new one!

Since the restaurant is at the mall, the boys had their DSis with them. After dinner they went to Gamestop to try and download some special Pokemon for their new Black and White games. They weren't successful, but they did find the (apparently) very rare Ruby Pokemon Gameboy game-TWO of them in fact. They each bought one, and seemed very happy with their purchases. So much for saving their money for our summer trip!

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