Monday, March 28, 2011


I finally got a chance to sew with my new machine today!
She sews very well. I really need to read the manual because I can't remember half of what the guy told me about the machine.
Using my new machine, I made this dress for Piper.

I made this dress for Arden. I am pleased with both of them. I used a pattern I downloaded off the internet. It had horrible directions so I kind of winged it.

Both boys stayed home from school today, and so did I. The three of us took Riley to the doctor, to have him checked for Strep Throat. He doesn't have that, just a virus. While there, they noticed he was really dehydrated (he wouldn't eat or drink anything because his throat hurt so badly). He came very close to having IV fluids put into him in the doctor's office. She sent us home with directions for Riley to drink lots of fluids, which he did, and he feels better. He'll spend one more day at home tomorrow, and then he'll go back to school on Wednesday.

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