Friday, March 11, 2011

A Keyboard and Map Doodles

Riley's keyboard arrived today! He's been very excited to play on it.
It requires 6 AA batteries. I am hoping it will work with a power adapter, because this thing is going to eat batteries. Riley had his second piano lesson tonight, and did very well.

Quinn, on the map he helped to doodle, at school.

Opening Day for little league baseball is tomorrow! There's much excitement as we finally get the games going for the season! We've been practicing 4 times a week.

Riley update: We had a SST meeting on Monday and his PE teacher was able to attend (we scheduled it mid-day, during his prep. I got a sub for half day). I think the teacher understands what Riley's issues are and how they relate to him in PE. We have another meeting planned for Wednesday, where we will be able to draw up a 504 plan for Riley, and implement some accommodations. I don't think he requires a lot, but there are definitely some things we need to do for PE or we are all going to lose our minds. Also, I got Riley on the list for testing, at UCSF. They don't take our insurance, so we would have to pay out of pocket-around $2000. Earlier this week, Kevin checked on some insurance things, and I had HIM call Stanford. I've called them 3 times and they haven't called back. He called ONCE and got the person who knows everything apparently. We are back on track with them, and we think our insurance will cover that. We will hang on to the UCSF appointment until we know for sure that we can do the testing at Stanford. We have a phone interview on Wednesday, 3/23 from 9-9:30 am, with Stanford. That's the first step in their process. That's a Wednesday, and in order for me to be able to be a part of that conversation, I had to arrange a switch in my prep so that I can take the call and not have to worry about keeping 28 students quiet-it's virtually impossible on a non-phone call day! Anyway, that's where we are-oh and Riley is able to join a "Lunch Bunch" group at school (unofficially) which will help him work on social skills. It's only once a week, so he won't miss too much time with his friends.

I have to add that I am VERY pleased with Riley's school. The people working for Riley, are doing such a great job, and working so hard for him. It's been really great. I really get a sense that they care about him. I think I love those people!!

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