Thursday, March 24, 2011

I may need to build an ark in my backyard. It's rained so much. I think we are all feeling a little sick of the rain. Today was the worst. Horrible storm. It rained all day. I was on a field trip with 24 of my students. It was soggy, but the worst part was when we returned to school. We made it to the classroom in moderate rain. Lunch came along and I sent the kids over. It POURED during lunch. Today was also Spring Picture Day (oh yes it was), and we were scheduled at 1:00. Our lunch ends at 12:45, so another teacher and I decided to just stay in the lunch room with our classes and wait for our turn-no sense taking them back to class only to turn around and bring them back to the same place. The kids had lunch boxes, jackets, and umbrellas. We moved the kids up toward the stage, to the front tables, as our cranky janitor began to clean the back tables. We were still there when he reached the front tables and proceeded to throw the kids' belongings onto the wet, filthy floor. Nice. I was trying to pick up items, off another table, and pile them under the stage, keeping them separate from the other 5 classes in the room, when he up-ended the table (they fold up, like a mountain and then down again to fit into their space), while I was taking stuff off. This brought all of the rest of the items crashing to the floor. Double nice. I expressed this to him. Nothing. Crickets. That man is such an ass. We all wish he could get fired. Some janitors are excellent-the one we had until this guy came back (he keeps leaving and coming back), was awesome, just awesome. We LOVED him. Anyway, super annoying day with the rain, weather, hyper students and a cranky janitor. I have no idea when the rain will stop.

Here's some art from Quinn. He drew everything except for the big headed boy. His friend drew that for him. Cute huh? I keep offering him drawing classes, but he is resisting. Said he only likes to draw Pokemon, not "culture stuff." LOL. Alrighty then.
Isn't she sweet? I had myself another shopping pity party. This is Thumpty Thump. She was a really great deal, and she's very original, which is why I decided I had to have her. Plus Stanford (actually Lucile Packard Autism Center) is flaking again. We had a phone interview scheduled with them for Wednesday morning. I rearranged and switched preps so that I could take the call, and Kevin rearranged work stuff and came to school so we could have the interview together. They didn't call. Nice. BUT, they did call today...while I was on my field trip. They were wondering if I was free to talk. My response, "No, I'm on a field trip with my students. I was free to talk YESTERDAY when we had this scheduled." She said they would call later today, at 4. Guess what? They didn't call. That's twice now, plus the three phone messages I've left that they never responded to. Seriously, for a renowned hospital, they keep dropping the ball. Have I mentioned that there is a 9 month wait for testing? Every time they mess up, puts us further behind. It's so irritating.

So yeah, after all of the stress of today, and the past month, I'm happy with my new girl. Would be even happier to get some things settled though, but she's a pretty good distraction.

She's going to need a name. Ideas????

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