Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kid Art and A Puzzle

On Tuesday I did something very brave. I let my students paint with tempura paints. There was only one spill, one painted shirt and one student with an entire green hand. I think it went fairly well. It took forever to give the directions because they were far more interested in looking at the paint filled cups on their desks then listening to me, but that's a story for another day. I was surfing the internet and found THIS. Cool huh? She had her (ONE) child paint, and actually blend the colors. I LOVE the colors they used too! I would have loved to blend colors with the students, but not this group. I was very afraid to even try the paints, let alone BLENDING them. Instead, we used graph paper and painted boxes in the six colors I put on their tables. I think they are funky looking and fun. I have to hang them up in class still. When I do, I will post a picture-you know you want to see it!
Painting (dotting) in progress. This boy worked very carefully-he always does.
This one is AWESOME! The boy who did this one did a really good job-he has great listening skills, and he's got a good eye for color.
Others...not so much. This one didn't listen to directions. It still has nice color though. She wanted to start over, but I said no (I'm mean that way). It was a good lesson for her as to WHY she needs to listen in class. Plus I only wanted to paint for that 35 minutes and not spend any other days on it. All students were able to finish too.

On a completely different note...
I finished another puzzle....

or did I? This aggravates me to no end. I get it all together, and then end up with a missing piece. 999 pieces and not 1,000. So annoying. I once built a 1,999 piece puzzle (imagine how annoying THAT one was!)

I will be doing a private blog about our adventures with Autism. First I have to have time to get it together. If you are interested in following along, email me juliebeane at yahoo dot com. I am going to make it password protected, and when I figure it out, I'll let you know the password! Good plan. Perhaps this weekend I can get it off the ground. It needs a name though. Ideas? Juliebeane unplugged?

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