Saturday, March 5, 2011

Piano and Maya

Wow what a week! Lots to deal with this week. It's been very emotional. A sweet friend, and the mother of one of my former students, passed away suddenly last Saturday. It's devastating. She was that parent-the one who volunteers for everything. The one unafraid to do anything. No job was too big or too small. An amazing woman, and a loving mother to three kids who still need her. My school community, and two other schools, plus all of the organizations she was a part of, have rallied together though, and the outpouring of love, support, food, money and generosity has been amazing. Just amazing. The funeral service was today. It was beautiful. A group of parents from my school organized a reception after the services. That was very nice as well, a celebration of life. She was an amazing woman, a good friend, and I will miss her dearly.
Riley had his first piano lesson yesterday. He loved it. It was so interesting to watch him really show a lot of interest in something new. He went right in, right to the piano, and started pushing keys. He did very well too! He can read music (I can't). He asked her questions that I had no idea about-the teacher did. It appears he'll be the next Elton John!! Or until Elton's new little son is old enough to learn to play.

This is Quinn with Maya this morning. I swear I never get sick of these boy and dog photos.

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