Friday, August 28, 2009

Jukebox Hero

I dragged the boys along today to the teacher supply store. I needed a lesson plan book-as you can recall from yesterday's post. I also got a book on Science since that is now a subject I will have to teach. I picked up a really cool writing box, that I can use for a writing center. It was very productive, and the boys like it as well. There's all kinds of interesting things to look at-for them it was the bug vacuum and science materials. We stopped for lunch, and then I took them home. I returned to school for awhile, to finish up in my classroom. I am ready to go, except for the furniture. I need to arrange that.
I had to explain to the boys, what a jukebox does. They had never seen one. This one was in the Burger King-go figure-where we had lunch. Riley didn't recognize any of the songs-way before No Doubt I guess. As we sat down to eat, the song "Harper Valley PTA" was playing.

It has been hot here the last two days. Not Texas hot, but hot. Hot enough to run the AC. It may actually run all night tonight as it's still hot outside. The one benefit of a hot day, is an amazing sunset. Look at that sky! This picture really doesn't do it justice. It was so pretty though. All pink and purple and orange.

Word of the Day: List. I got my class list today. I am very happy. I have some very sweet kids. I look forward to school starting next week.

One more day to vote people! Girlie needs a name!

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