Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Plate, A Dinner, and A Necklace in the Making

It's my last Saturday before school starts. Busy day. I met my BFF for lunch. We had Indian food, at this restaurant that has an awesome lunch buffet. We were stuffed. After lunch, we both had hair appointments-same hairdresser. She was first, so I went to Kohl's. Hair done. A cut and a slightly new color. Love it! Oh, and in the morning, I went into Niles, to the bead store there, and to a couple of antique stores. Tomorrow is the annual Niles Flea Market. It would be great to go, but you have to go so early, because it's so crowded, and the best values are first thing in the morning. We'll see. I was up early today, so I am hoping to sleep in tomorrow, flea market or not.
I scored this little plate at one of the Niles antique shops. Isn't is so cute? I love it!
Kevin, the boys and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We had to wait 30 minutes, so we wandered around Borders until it was time to eat. Quinn enjoyed riding the saddle while we finished out our wait. He has to stage every picture he's in. Funny boy.

This is the project I am working on. I am wearing a red short jacket thing, a white shirt, and black pants, on my first day of school. I am using the above beads to make myself a coordinating necklace. I have an idea for the necklace, in my head.

Word of the Day: Heat. It was another scorcher today. It has cooled down by twenty degrees. We turned our AC off, and are quite enjoying the breeze from outside.

22 hours to vote! Girlie needs a name!

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