Monday, August 30, 2010

All Good Things Must End

Well, my summer is officially over. Sniff. I went back to work today. We had meetings all day, in really hard chairs. It seemed like the slowest day in the world. We had to be there at 8:00 am. When it felt like I had been there forever, I checked the time, and it was only 8:48! The day just crawled along. It was painful. After the meetings, I spent some time finishing up my classroom.
I am ready for students, all 28 of them. I got a surprise today, when I had my actual class list in my hands: I got a sibling of an adorable little girl that I had last school year. I got her equally adorable little sister. I was so excited about it, and shocked I didn't notice when I was looking at the list in the dark-remember? I went to school over the weekend with a flashlight, to look at my class list. There are 3 girls total in this family-this new one is the middle one, so I can look forward to hopefully getting the last one too (in two years, she's just starting Kindergarten). It's a very nice, supportive family. Anyway, that made my day. What didn't make my day is learning that I got the pain in the butt kid (also happens to be a sibling of a past student, and if I remember correctly, his brother was a pain in the butt as well). I will simply have to whip the little booger into shape. I don't recall the family being all that supportive, so I may have my work cut out for me. Unsupportive parents. Yuck! I am up to the task, and after last school year, I am up to the challenge.

At least I have my ducks all in a row. I always do. Always.

Back to work tomorrow, it's a staff meeting and a work day. The students come on Wednesday. My boys start Wednesday as well (same district). Quinn is super excited. He got a male teacher. Riley might be a little nervous, but I think he's looking forward to 7th grade. Stay tuned...good things to come!


Teri said...

I totally respect you teachers. Totally. I hope your first day with the new students goes wonderfully well.

I am Julie said...

Thank you so much, Teri. It's great to feel appreciated.