Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blondie/B-52's Anyone?

I went shopping today with friends, Valerie and Jenn. My one friend, Valerie, is visiting from Illinois. She used to live here, but she and her family moved away. It's always great to see her. We all had so much fun! When I got home, Kevin, Riley, Quinn and I headed out to the Mountain Winery, in the mountains of Saratoga, CA, to see Blondie/B-52's. It's a twisty, narrow, long road up to the winery entrance, and then another twisty, narrow, long road up to the winery itself. We made it up-almost being hit by a short limousine that was going down way too fast for the crooked road. We paid to park. We grabbed our things and headed for the doors.
First though, we stopped for pictures. That's the city of San Jose, CA down there.
The boys, sun in their eyes, with the city behind them. Pretty huh? I bet you want to know how the show was?

I really couldn't tell you, since the show was not tonight, it's TUESDAY. Oh man. I have no idea how in the world we got the date wrong. We didn't realize until the guy scanned the first ticket, and the scanner said, "Wrong date." We looked at the tickets and sure enough...Aug. 10. Crap. That place is not the easiest place to get to. We went back to the car, were able to get our $15 parking fee back, and headed back DOWN the mountain. We'll do it all again on Tuesday night. Thankfully we got it wrong before the actual date, as opposed to AFTER the date. Whew. The funniest part though is that Chelsea Handler was there tonight. I can only imagine what people thought as we walked up to the entrance with our kids in tow! Definitely a different crowd than the Blondie/B-52's crowd.
We decided to eat at Florentine, in Cupertino. They have the yummiest bread and cheese spread. The. Yummiest. We didn't think these restaurants existed any longer. We used to have one here, in Fremont, but it closed. There are still a few around, according to the internet search I did, so now we know, and we can go back when we need our herbed bread and cheese spread fix.

Now for something completely unrelated...When I was in Kentucky, I found these vintage Barbie dresses for sale at an antique store. I bought them up! $2 each!! I washed them, and they are good as new, short, but good as new.

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