Monday, August 16, 2010

Manic Monday

I picked up my classroom keys today. I thought about it and thought about it, and decided to just go and get them. I didn't plan on going until next week to do anything about my classroom, but I may have changed my mind, after seeing my classroom.
Oh look! Some low life scum torched our play structure...
BOTH of them. See that blue thing? That USED to be a twisty slide. There used to be a green, double slide on the other structure. It's really annoying, and who knows how long it will sit like this before it gets replaced? I doubt we'll have a new one by the start of school, and that's just horrible for the kids.
This is the reason I may have to work in my classroom sooner than expected. Was there a poltergeist here? How am I going to get all of those desks off my desk? I especially like the hula hoop bag at the very top.
Oh look, more desks up high. I have never returned to school with my furniture this way. My crap is all over the place. It does not make me happy.
This makes me happy though. Quinn and I got ice cream while we waited for Riley to finish his Scout meeting. Quinn actually had two scoops!

I am still madly cleaning things out around here. Working on Quinn's room. He got a new shelf. I actually bought this for my classroom, but it's too tall, so I swapped it for Quinn's lower shelf. See those blue baskets on the bottom shelves? Those were the BIGGEST pain in the ass to build. I uttered all kinds of colorful words trying to put those damn things together. I got it though. I won.

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Raquel Rivera Shank said...

i am so bummed about that play structure. poor kiddos. and i agree with you, no way it's going to be replaced by the time school starts. that just sucks! :(