Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cyndi Lauper Flop

Kevin and I headed back to the Mountain Winery to see Cyndi Lauper, last night.

It's such a beautiful view.

The concert was horrible. Just horrible. I really, really like Cyndi Lauper, even when she was a nutcase on the Apprentice, but this show sucked. She has a new album, a blues album. I get that. I knew she would play stuff from it. I didn't count on 90 minutes of blues, and really long stories and song intros. When people in the front began screaming out for Girls Just Want To Have Fun, she got really cranky. She said it was HER time to have fun. Alrighty then. She went out for an encore, and came back and sang Change of Heart (but she seemed pissed off to sing it). Then she sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Kevin and I headed out at this time, sure that was the last song. She did sing Time After Time after that, and I believe one other song to end the show. She only played four of her hit songs! Four. I was really disappointed. I think a lot of people were. I expected her to play the new stuff, with old stuff mixed in. You know, like every other band does! The word diva comes to mind. She really can sing though, and she is passionate about blues. I guess I lack that passion.

Oh well. It was a date for us, and the views were beautiful, COLD, but beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry! That's so disappointing. I remember going to see Morrissey in like 1993 or something..and he was like that..the set was like an hour! I was so disappointed :( know..waste of your hard earned money...