Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finishing Up Summer

Sadly, our summer is coming to an end. It's such a bummer. I will be fine once the year gets going, but right now, I am dreading it. This week has been all about appointments, and school clothes/supplies shopping. The boys are all set. A few new shirts and some shorts. They both have shoes already that are fine, and I refuse to buy pants right now. It really annoys me that everything in the stores is long sleeves and pants. It's still warm enough to wear shorts until November.
I got some Stella & Dot jewelry for my back to school. I LOVE the long coiled bracelet.

I also got back to school shoes! No, I didn't need new shoes either, but MY feet aren't still growing.

Today was the end of swim classes for the boys. They LOVED them. Both are SWIMMERS now! I was very pleased with this swim club. They were awesome at teaching arm strokes. After swim, we headed out to see the optometrist. Riley failed his vision test at the doctor's office. He is nearsighted (like me), and so he's getting glasses. We picked out some very stylish black frames. He looks really good in them. He's excited to wear them too. Now all four of us wear glasses. We pick them up September 2, so stay tuned for pictures.

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