Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Ready

Tomorrow is the big day! 3/4 of our family is going back to school! Perhaps the most exciting event is Riley's beginning of Jr. High School-7th grade! I think he's pretty excited about tomorrow. I know I am pretty excited for him! I think he'll enjoy the variety of students, from 5 other elementary schools. New friends, old friends, more independence. Quinn will be a big 3rd grader. He has a male teacher, the same teacher Riley had for 3rd grade. He is psyched! I wonder if he will want spikey hair tomorrow? I will begin my 15th year of teaching, and my 9th year in 2nd grade. Kevin just gets to drop off one kid, and go to work, but I am sure he's super excited too.

This is what I plan on wearing tomorrow, complete with accessories. Of course it's supposed to be super hot tomorrow-in the 90's. I'm not excited about that. Did you notice I use the word "super" a lot? Only in writing though. Verbally, I say the word "interesting" a lot. Anyway, that was super random...interesting?

My classroom is ready. My lesson plans for the rest of this week are complete. My outfit is picked out. The boys' outfits are picked out. School supplies are packed and organized. Now I am off to make some lunches. Those boys will probably like to eat tomorrow.

Oh by the way, remember that "superstar" kid that I told you about yesterday? He was crossed off of my class list today. Hmmmm. I made him a name tag anyway, and I'll just wait and see. Anything can happen with our class lists until Sept. 13. After that, the classes will be set in stone.

PS: There are 280 days until we see U2.

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