Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Sunday

I had no plans to leave the house today. I wanted to just hang around, work on cleaning my side of our office, read a little, facebook, play Words With Friends, etc. So I settled in to stay home, but around dinner time, Kevin asked if I wanted to go to a new burger place for dinner. This place, called Five Guys, opened here, and people have been comparing it to In and Out Burger. NOTHING compares to In and Out, but I was willing to give it a try. It was SUPER freaking crowded over there, so we ate at the very slow, non-crowded pizza place next door, instead. The comparison will just have to wait. Oh man, now I'm hungry for In and Out!
I took this picture yesterday, in the Ahwahnee Hotel. It's with my iPhone, the Hipstamatic app. I just love that app.
This is what Owen did today. He loves this spot. He can sleep the day away here, on the quilts, and mostly the dog never notices.
I worked on this today. I am going through all of my magazines, ripping out the things I like, and recycling the rest. Actually, I am going to take them to school for projects. I am going to put all of the loose articles/ideas into an idea binder, by subject and holiday. Ambitious? Some of the magazines I am keeping intact though, because I love them.
Quinn did this today. He practiced kicking his soccer ball at the orange cone his coach let him borrow. Doesn't he look fast in this picture? Kevin took both boys to the park today, so Quinn could practice. He also got Riley a hair cut.

This is what Riley did today. He ate a giant piece of pizza, and enjoyed every minute of it. We are firm believers in pizza the size of your head around here.

My MIL sent me THIS LINK the other day. This happened at the Mountain Winery on Thursday night. We were last there on Tuesday night. I am glad we weren't there on Thursday, when some man decided to commit suicide by jumping from the roof, to the stage, while the band played. Horrible. Read the article. So sad, and yet, so selfish. I just can't stop thinking about what this guy's decision did to the minds of the concert goers, and the band, who only wanted an entertaining night out. I'm sorry he died and everything, it's tragic. I'm sorry he had a troubled life, but come on! This was not the answer-for anyone.

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