Sunday, August 8, 2010

Low-key Day

We had a very low-key day today, just hanging around the house. I slept in, and that felt great! The boys played on their computers, and with their Star Wars things. Both rooms, which were clean, are a mess. Oh well, they are having fun. In the early evening, we all ventured out to the mall. The boys were dying to spend their money, and they had some Star Wars items in mind, so we went to Target.
Quinn got this Galactic Heroes AT-AT. It's really very cool. We had to advance him some allowance so that he could get it. This would not have lasted long at Target. When these things are available, it's best to get them as they sell out. Quinn plays with these Galactic Heroes, all the time. He loves them.

Riley bought a Chewbacca, and a snowspeeder. He still loves his Star Wars action figures and ships. He doesn't so much play with them as he just sets them up. These boys are Star Wars crazy around here.

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