Friday, August 6, 2010

Did You Miss Me???

After a very long travel day, my mom and I made it safely home from Kentucky. Our flight didn't leave Louisville until 4:40 pm, but there were major storm warnings, so we headed for the airport around 1 pm. We were pretty early. Our flight to Denver, for our layover, was uneventful, but we didn't get to sit together. I sat next to a grumpy guy, in the exit row. We had a really LONG layover in Denver. We landed at 5:30 and our plane wasn't set to leave until 9:15. We ate sandwiches from Schlotsky's Deli-they were really yummy! Finally, we boarded our last plane-late. We were on the plane, and around 9:30, the captain said we would be delayed an additional hour due to "low ceilings" in SF (aka FOG). Here we had come from super extreme weather, and it was the San Francisco fog that delayed us. We could have gotten off of the plane, but had to be back on at 10:00. Again my mom and I were not seated together. I was near the back of the plane, with a relatively nice guy and his unfortunately (for him) bitch of a girlfriend/wife. She was quite a piece of work, in her pajama bottoms with her Coach purse, and grumpy attitude. I really felt bad for that guy-she bitched at him, drank two airplane sized bottles of wine, and FINALLY went to sleep. We were on our way by 10:20, and landed at SFO at 11:30-CA time-It took 2 hours to get to SFO. We waited FOREVER for our luggage, and since my mom and I are so lucky, ours was the last luggage to leave the carousel. I was home a little after 1:00 am-which wouldn't be so bad, but our bodies were still on Eastern Time. I went right to bed. Here are some pictures from our trip.
This is my grandma, Lillie, and her friend, George.
This is the wedding cake from my cousin's wedding. It was really yummy.
Look at the cake toppers! So cute!
The groom's cake. Kissing cows-red velvet cake. We had cake for the rest of our stay-wedding cake, because my cousin's dog got to the cow cake.

Can you see the pants on this guy? They were WILD. Apparently they used to belong to his father, in the 60's, and he likes to wear them to parties. I love the pairing of the golf shirt with them.
I met up with my friend, Terri, at Newport on the Levee, in KY. We were right across the river from Cincinnati.
A bridge to Cincinnati.
Another bridge to Cincinnati.

On my way home from Newport, I took farm roads. I love this barn and the green grass. Kentucky is really so green and pretty.

My mom and I had a lot of fun, but it's always great to be home. My boys missed me, and so did the dog. My new iPhone was here, waiting for me, and I have overdosed on my computer today. Normal life begins again.

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