Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Day of Summer Vacation

It was my last day of summer vacation. Well, actually tomorrow is technically my last day, but I am going to school, to finish setting up my classroom. With a little luck, perhaps I'll even know who will be in my class this year. There's a pretty good chance I'll know as they are posting the classes tomorrow. It really bugs me that we can't get the list sooner. It would be great to send "Welcome to Class" postcards to the new students. Anyway, so today was my last day of fun. We stayed home all day-well not Kevin, he went to work. I am almost finished cleaning my side of our office. A few things to put away, and I need to make a trip to Michael's tomorrow for another bead storage container. I have an addiction.
Riley and I munched on these today. They are so yummy, and I don't even like tomatoes! Do these really count as real tomatoes though? They are from a teacher friend's garden. I also have a big fat "real" tomato, an onion, and a burpless cucumber. These are super yummy though.
While I cleaned, the boys were busy creating a Lego world in both rooms, but mostly Quinn's. It kept them busy all day, and there was not one ounce of arguing. Awesome! I love Lego-on so many levels.
The boys made a candy machine. Isn't it cute? A little candy vending machine.
This one is the soda vending machine they made. ADORABLE! They followed directions they found on the internet. Clever boys.
Quinn wanted you all to see this guy. He's wearing a jetpack, oh and he has a knife.

I baked cookies this evening. These are Pillsbury Fun-Fetti cookies, from the Fun-Fetti cake mix. The recipe is on the side of the box. Next to Snickerdoodles, these are my favorite cookies to make. I frosted them with Strawberry Mist frosting, and added blue sprinkles. They boys can munch on those (and the tomatoes) tomorrow.

It's hard to believe another summer has come and gone. My boys start school on Wednesday. We find out who Quinn's teacher is, tomorrow. He's super excited.


Anonymous said...

There is a toilet in front of the candy machine

I am Julie said...

I didn't notice the toilet. Those boys sure think of everything. LOL