Friday, August 13, 2010

Cleaning Spree

I am on a cleaning spree roll! I am going through every room in my house, cleaning out closets and drawers. I've done my room and bathroom so far. Yesterday I did Riley's room (OH what a mess that was!) I started out in Quinn's room, but I lost some of my cleaning mojo. I was distracted with Facebook and my virtual worlds on my phone. I've also had a headache all day. I am going to get in there and finish his room tomorrow. I am saving our office for last of all.
Riley's super clean, dusted and vacuumed room. I didn't take a picture of the before, and I really should have. You would not believe the mess. This boy does not believe in a garbage can either.
Everything is in its place. I am going to bother him every day to keep his room clean.
His desk area. I think I will make an Ikea run for a desk lamp. Riley's room is the darkest in the house. It's an inside room, with a small window that looks out into the backyard.

Oh, and before the next picture, I must confess that I had one major distraction today, for just about two hours...

BABIES! I got to play with babies! A Friend had TWINS! That's Lydia and Finn, born July 31. Aren't they so cute???? Who can blame this kind of distraction? I'll take babies over cleaning any old day. I got to hold both of them. It's so strange to me how you can forget how tiny we all start out. It seems forever ago that mine were this size, and now they are giant.

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