Saturday, January 15, 2011

Basketball Again

Last night was Scout night at the Warriors game. We had an extra ticket, so we took along my BFF's son, Sebastian. The game was so much fun. It was so interesting to watch the guys play, after watching the Stanford women's team play. The guys are so fast, and it looks so easy for them, not that the women weren't fabulous, just a different skill level. Amazing really.
The boys with some fake Warriors. See how much taller Sebastian is, than Quinn? He just turned 8. Quinn is quite small. And well, looks like Riley is too!
I don't think Quinn has a future in basketball.
This is the start of the game against the LA Clippers. The opening of the game was a lot like a show. They turned off the lights, played loud music, and even had a disco ball! It was super cool.
Three boys having a great time. Sebastian was really interested in the game. I think his parents need to get him involved in a new sport!
At halftime, there were over 100 Zumba dancers! It was kind of cool, and I think I might like to try a Zumba class. Looks like fun! Apparently it's quite a good workout too, according to the infomercial I watched today!
There are many time outs during the game, and for each one, there's some kind of entertainment. These guys came out-I believe they are called the Flying W's (?). They ran and bounced on those trampolines, doing flips and slam dunking the ball into the basket. Super cool!! Look at that guy in the air!

Oh, and we can't forget the Warrior Girls! They had about three outfit changes. We had an awesome time at the game. I hope we can go again some time.

This was Quinn's reaction to "At the Hop" by Danny and the Juniors, for tonight's music lesson. He didn't like the song at all. I told him I don't like it either. 50's music does nothing for me. Remember to check out Kevin's year long project-there's a button/link on my sidebar.

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