Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catching Up

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's just been a little bit nuts around here. Work is just getting in the way of my social life-ha ha ha. Speaking of work, I had to leave work yesterday, for awhile, to go pick up a sick Quinn, and then wait for Kevin to get home so that I could return to work. Today was a lazy kind of Saturday, since Quinn was still a little under the weather. We all got to sleep in-but not as long as Kevin who was up all night last night, working-something about one of their computer systems crashing. My job this morning was to keep a certain dog quiet, as well as two boys. The boys were easy, but this dog loves to go outside and bark her silly head off. She doesn't seem to care if anyone wants to sleep.
One of Maya's cute moments this morning. She sure loves this boy.
I made this yarn heart today, using THIS tutorial. I've been obsessed with Pinterest, and while obsessing, I stumbled across that blog, and it is FULL of really great family crafts! I may let my students make these hearts. It was pretty easy.
I went to the thrift store today, and I found this awesome wall hanging. Isn't it cute? $2.00!! It says Monschau/Eifel at the bottom. I googled it, and it's from HERE. Pretty cool!
These are my mini Blythe dolls, hanging out. They are from Littlest Pet Shop.

Arden got a new outfit. It's from the Liv line of dolls. I had to cut the jeans off at the bottom, as Blythe is shorter than Liv, and Liv has bigger feet, so the shoes don't really fit. The dress/top and scarf, and bag are adorable though.

Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

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