Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowmen in California

Who says you can't build a snowman in my part of California? It certainly has been cold enough to snow lately! This morning, it was so cold that when I went out to warm up my car, and hose down the windows, the water was frozen in the hose. It's been cold!
We built these snowmen today at school! Socks, a rubber band, embellishments, stuffing, and beans for weight. As my students would say, "easy peasy lemon squeazy." They drew on the faces with Sharpie pens.
Aren't these two sweet?
Check out the one in the middle. That's quite a head! These are sitting on the kids' desks right now. I am not sure how long they will last before I get frustrated with the kids for playing with them, and send them home. I will see if I can round them all up for a picture tomorrow, before I end up sending them home.
It was cold again today, and Maya has done a lot of shivering. We put her sweater on, and also her scarf. She's cozy now.

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