Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reading, Reading, Reading

It seems that everyone around the house is reading something.
Riley is reading the third book (the blue one) from this series by Suzanne Collins. My sister in law suggested it, and since Riley tends to like to read the same books over and over again, I was thrilled when he was interested in the first one, so I got him the other two! He finished the second one in a day. He's really liking them. He told me again tonight how much he likes them, so thanks to Wendy (my SIL)!
Quinn is reading the last Wimpy Kid book. He's another one that likes to read his books over and over again. He has lots of books on his shelf that he has yet to read. Quinn was up until after midnight over the weekend, reading!
I am reading the first Harry Potter, and also The Glass Castle. I am enjoying both of them. The Glass Castle is a memoir. I've wanted to read it for awhile, and now I am in a Facebook book club, and that's what we are reading.

Kevin is reading this book.

OH! I hung the kids' chameleons on the wall at school, but didn't take a picture. I'll try and get one tomorrow, but I will be out of the classroom all day-we get a 2nd grade release day to plan GLAD lessons, so we all have subs. If I can pop in there and not cause a HUGE ruckus, I'll get a picture. I'll have to do it during recesses or lunch as those kids will lose their heads if I walk in while the sub is there.


beki said...

My oldest, Lily just started on the Suzanne Collins books - she loves them and wants me to read them!

I am Julie said...

My son loved all three, and read them quickly. My nieces really like them too. I just ordered the author's other series for Riley to read. Found it on Amazon.