Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Day!

Today we took off for a day in the snow. We drove toward Truckee. Our intent was not to go all the way there. It was supposed to rain later in the day, and the weather there can be horrible. We had to go further than we expected, for snow, so we ended up visiting Truckee anyway. Truckee is about 30 miles from Reno, Nevada. There was lots of snow!
We pulled off the freeway, and found some random spot, to play in the snow for awhile. Maya's wondering what is going on?
There was sledding down hills.
And more sledding down hills.
There was also sitting on hills.
And brotherly love.
Maya loved the snow! We weren't really sure how she would react, but she loved it.
Aw. So cute!
Kevin playing with large pieces of snow at Donner Lake-we made a quick detour down to the lake, on our way toward home.

Donner Lake. Isn't it beautiful?

We also made a stop in Rocklin, so I could go to Stein Mart! We then headed into Roseville to eat at Ruby Tuesday, but too bad for us...they were closed for remodeling. Well poop. We drove on and ended up eating at Logan's Roadhouse in the Sacramento area. Days like these are always so great. We love to do a day trip someplace, and having Maya with us, was fun too. She traveled well.

To see the rest of our pictures, CLICK HERE.

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