Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally It's Friday

Well, we all made it through the first week back from break. What an exhausting week. We went to dinner, and to Borders tonight so that the boys could use their Christmas gift cards.
The boys combined their cards to get this game. Nintendo Monopoly. It's all over the table currently.
Such concentration while playing. Apparently, neither boy needs to sit and play a game. There's a Mario looking on. There are a whole host of other Nintendo characters watching, but out of the camera view.
It seems Riley was winning. Quinn was not real excited about that. I don't think they ever finished the game though. Actually, I don't think they played by the real rules, because they have reset the game to "play for real" tomorrow. They frequently set games up and just move the pieces all around.
Look who's so sleepy.

No, wait. She's up! Look at those ears! She looks like a bat.

We have all set about our weekend positions.

Oh, and we had an earthquake today. Riley was home by himself. I would have been home if I didn't have to talk to my principal about the girl drama from today, which put me on the road home as the earthquake hit. I had just gotten to the school to pick Quinn up when Riley called saying he thought we had one. I had him turn on the local TV channel and then google search it, downplaying it so he didn't freak the freak out (I love that song BTW). He found it. I think he may have been a bit panicked, being alone, and that's why he called, but it was a small one, and he was just fine. Although now that we've had an earthquake, and it was a slow news day, that's all they are talking about on the local news: the big one, the Hayward Fault, having emergency supplies ready...... Riley actually left the room because it makes him nervous to "keep talking about it." He worries. I used to worry. A lot. Killer Bees, earthquakes, something happening to my parents (although I figured I'd just go live with the neighbor-she had only boys), getting lost, getting sick....So basically, I have NO idea where he gets all that worrying from.

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