Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Stuff in the Mail, Lousy Trip to the Post Office

I came home from a meeting after school, and a horrible trip to the post office. I really hate going to the post office. I have a package that I need to get in the mail. My meeting today ended early, at a quarter to five. I went to the closest post office I could find, before the post office closed. The parking was a mess-that should have been my first clue. I found a spot, grabbed my box, and headed inside. GIANT line. I suppose going before closing was not smart, but what's a working girl to do? I waited for 10-15 minutes, and never moved once, except for my impatience dance. It was as if the employees had all day to help people with their postal needs. I finally gave up. I will go tomorrow morning (I am not working-it's my day to stay home with sickie Quinn), to the little post office in Niles. It's so cute, and they were super helpful when I was asking about those ready to ship boxes. I have one of those boxes by the way. I thought I would save time, and I tried to print out a shipping label at home, but it took me 20 minutes before I successfully picked a username and password with enough capitals, lower case letters and numbers in it. Super irritating, then I didn't immediately see what I was looking for, so I will end up at the post office tomorrow anyway. Horrible. Why does it have to be so rotten at the post office? It's like that at the DMV too. Anyway, so I came home, irritated, but found that I had three packages!!!
1. My birthday present from my friend, Valerie! Look at all of the goodies! Owls and cupcakes! She made the cute box! Look at the Mickey bowl! Awesome stuff! Thanks Valerie!!

2. Piper and Arden got new hats! I ordered them from HERE.

3. Quinn's birthday present arrived from Amazon-it's a penguin Pillow Pet, but don't tell him. It's a surprise.

Before I go, here's a poem that Riley wrote for school today.

The Earth and the Environment

The Earth is very big,
The animals come in different sizes.
There are cats, dogs, cows, and pigs.
If I raise them, I might get prizes.
The Earth is in trouble,
We need to help.
The ocean has bubbles,
A dog gives a yelp.

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