Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School!! 2010

We all survived our first day of school! Riley had a great day. He found all of his classes, and was "really early" to all of them. He had a LOT to say about his day. He made some new friends, and ate lunch with some old friends. Only one kid asked him if I was his mom-poor kid, going to a junior high that my school feeds into. It's very exciting for him. He's ready to go back tomorrow. Quinn also had a great day. He said to me, "I'm glad I got Mr. Bobosky. He's amaaaaaazing!" He said something else funny too, but now I can't remember. He's ready to go back to school again tomorrow. Ahhh, all is right with the school world.
Here's my 7th grader! I think he kinda looks like a 7th grader here.
Here's my crazy 3rd grader. Kevin asked me this morning if his shirt should have a 3 on it, for 3rd grade. I explained that the shirt says, "2 Fast," so no.
Both boys. See how happy they look? We'll try to keep up this momentum for the entire school year.

Two of my new students brought me flowers (how sweet), and another two brought me apples. I don't think I have ever gotten apples from students-isn't that funny? Anyway, my day was pretty good too. I have some very sweet, cute kids. I have one little girl who has just come to us from China. She does not speak a word-not a WORD- of English. She speaks Mandarin, and luckily we are in CA, where there is such a diverse population. I told her mom I would handle it. I found two boys in my class who also speak Mandarin, sat her between them, and they translated everything for me, in stereo. She'll pick it up quickly. She's very sweet. On the other hand, there are 4 boys that I need to stomp on, I mean work my magic on. Two particularly drove me nuts today and I had to use my firm teacher voice with them. They will be completely trained by next Friday-or sooner, one way or two! One of them has a mom who does lunch supervision, so he and I may pay her a visit tomorrow at lunch to steer things in my direction. Overall though, it's nothing I can't handle, and they are sweet kids, and super eager to learn. Awesome. THAT I can work with.

PS: My one student from last year, the one who didn't crack a smile all year, came over to me today at recess, threw his arms around me, and said hello. He still didn't smile, but that hug is a HUGE step for him. I love that kid. I will always track his progress.

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