Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Around the House

It's been a busy week. Meetings, soccer, glasses, scouts...same stuff different day, I guess.
I managed to make a button bracelet (and the buttons) yesterday. I am going to make some more of these and get them listed in the shop.
Quinn got this little root beer mug at A&W. He wanted to drink from it tonight. It's ridiculously small. He is acting drunk in this picture. I wonder how he knows about being drunk? We have not been drunk in front of him. Let's blame TV.
TA DA!!! Did you know those were Riley's first words? Funny. Anyway, Riley FINALLY got his replacement school ID card! Yay! Now we just have to figure out how to get a new ASB sticker since he LOST the receipt I got at the school.
Maya does a lot of chilling in the afternoon. She's been all over me tonight, sleeping. I am sure I am annoying her since I have been all over the place, and she won't just stay in one place and sleep. She has to follow me around.

I got this book in the mail today. It has some really cool jewelry ideas inside.

Things have been really crazy at school the last two days. It's been hot, and that is affecting the kids (at least I HOPE it's that). It's the middle of October. I always have my classes on a routine, on track, on task at this time of the year, discipline under control. This class has other ideas. It's nuts. Most days I think I could lose my mind-I probably already have. Here are some highlights of my day today-keep in mind the kids went to science for 30 minutes (without me), and it was an early release day...

8:30-I have a crier. Why? I don't know she won't say-asked her 3 times. She just stood in the corner with her sweatshirt over her head and cried. I sent her to the office. Turns out one of her "friends" pointed out that she was wearing a tank top and that's against dress code. Address said "friend," that it's not HER business, and have her pay crier a ticket, apologize, and turn her card.
8:40-Tell class they are not the teacher. They can't tell someone what to wear. It's not their job. It's mean, and it makes people cry. I am the teacher. I will handle things. Mind your own business.
9:05-A different girl tells another girl that she's not wearing spirit colors today. REALLY???? She pays the girl a ticket for trying to be the teacher, apologizes and flips her card.
9:10-Repeat 8:40 talk.
Off task
Rolling of pencils
Playing with glue sticks
Playing with hats
Calling out
Phone rings (it rang 7 times today!!)

This was before recess at 10-and I was trying to do Reading!
After recess:
10:15 One of my students can't remember where she needs to return for a language assessment, and she had just come from there before recess. Sent someone who could remember with her.
Insert more bad behaviors here as I try to continue the unfinished Reading and Workshop.
10:37 (this one is the best, THE. BEST)-I am teaching about adverbs. One of my girls raises her hand to answer a question, but has to take the TAPE off of her mouth first! Side note: I didn't tape her mouth shut-she did that all on her own.
10:38-ban said student from touching my tape. Ever. Again.
Off task
Send one child-the same child-away from me SEVEN times. I didn't need to see that she wrote a period at the end of her sentence 7 times, while I was trying to gather scores for AR tests and manage behavior. While it was FASCINATING, it was not the time or place.
LUNCH! My parent helper shows up early, during my lunch, to work in class.
After lunch
Broken glasses-I ask the child how they got broken. She said they were stepped on. I ask, "How could they get stepped on if they were on your face? Were you on the ground?" Her answer: "They fell off my face." Turns out she put them on the ground when she didn't want to wear them anymore. Her and I have lots of issues with her glasses.

I could write a book.

Am I just mean? How was YOUR day?

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