Sunday, October 3, 2010

Giants and Pumpkins

The Giants won today. I am very happy that they get to go to the playoffs, and that they won their division. I just wish they had done it yesterday. Oh well, at least they won. We are all still thinking about yesterday's game, and all of the fun we had. Here are a few pictures that Kevin took of the boys, when they got to go onto the field, pre-game.
Walking into the packed stadium. I'm over there, on the left hand side, way up high, section 318. Can you see me? I'm the one wearing orange and black.
Two cool scouts and a whole lot of Giants fans.
Kevin and the boys were the last group that entered the stadium, but that meant the first out, and to their seats! Here it looks like they were assembling for the National Anthem.
There was a soprano who sang the National Anthem. She was REALLY good.
I put my pumpkins out today! I have over 100 of them.
More pumpkins-see the fabric yo-yo pumpkin? I just got that one. It's so cute.
These three are my most favorite pumpkins.

Jack-o-Lanterns! I love Halloween.

I went with my mom, her friend Janey, and my dad to the Alameda Antique Fair today. It's HUGE! They have it once a month-the first Sunday of each month, at the Alameda Naval Base. Being on the base brought back lots of memories as my dad is retired Navy, and he was stationed there. We used to go there a lot, and I especially remember going to pick him up after he had been at sea for 6-9 months. There's also an amazing view of San Francisco, right across the bay...
The antique fair is held outside, on the Naval Air Strip. Don't worry though, because this base is closed so we didn't have to worry about planes landing on us. It's an awesome view though. I would have gotten closer, to avoid all of that ugly ground, but there were two guys in a truck, and nobody around forever, so I got freaked out and didn't go very far.

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