Saturday, October 30, 2010


I tried several times to do this post last night, but Blogger had something up its butt, and I wasn't able. Today is a new day, and SUCCESS!

It was my day to bring treats at school yesterday. The librarian and I got together to discuss what we would bring-we had to try and outdo last week's treat contributors! We were semi-successful. All was eaten, but it wasn't nearly as great as the previous week-we didn't fix a TURKEY like they did.
I made a pumpkin cheese ball. There's no pumpkin in this cheese ball, just cream cheese, cheddar cheese, green onions, and red peppers. I got the idea from HERE.
I made these spiders-also from the internet, but I forgot where. Ritz crackers with peanut butter filling, four pretzel sticks for legs (too lazy to use the requested 8), and I used cran-raisins for eyes-attached with peanut butter. Super easy, but after I did these (while trying to watch the spectacular Giants game and the inning where they got a trillion runs), I got bored with them. I took the fixings to school so that people could be creative and do their own!
I also made these wormy burgers-also from a forgotten location on the internet. Nilla Wafers, chocolate frosting, and a gummi worm. Super easy. I even sent some to school with BOTH boys-even the 7th grader! His 7th grade buddies were interested in them too!

A treat for me! Look at the cute Captain Underpants picture one of my little girls made for her book report. Isn't it adorable? I hope her parents save it. It's so cute! Oh and please note Justin Bieber peeking out-lots of kids forgetting their folders again. I sent all FOUR Justins home one day last week! It's so annoying.

Also a treat: My number one pain in the butt was absent from school yesterday. RELIEF! Do you know that the rest of them were so much better with him gone? Amazing how much he affects the others, and how much easier it is to control the bad behavior of my other "superstars." Starting Monday, I am no longer allowing him to have that affect on my other students. I didn't realize-he's ALWAYS at school. I will shorten his rope even further. I will do it without much parent support-the mom talks a good game, but she's pretty much useless, and can't control him. She'll regret that when he's in jail-it's THAT serious. He was doing really well for quite awhile, but the last week, he's been really obnoxious and mean-tons of complaints from my other students. It stops Monday. I am prepared for the fight.

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