Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glasses and Giants

Wednesday already! There is finally a rhythm going on at school, and the days are starting to go quickly-mostly. This week has been fast, but it's been super busy too: school meetings, correcting, Scouts, appointments, correcting, dinner with friends, homework, correcting, World Series.
These are my newish old glasses. I got these in September, but they had these screws on the inside of them, that I could see when I wore them. They were uncomfortable, and the screws were driving me nuts. I called my optometrist's office to see what they could do. They could send them back, but doing that voided the lense warranty. I can handle that-I've never had to have the lenses replaced. So, as cute as those glasses were, I took them back...
and got these! I went to pick them up today. MUCH better. No screws, and a lot more comfortable on my face. The frames are all plastic, so they are light on my face. I LOVE them. Do you know what color they are? Black? Nope. They are blue. I love that they are blue, but are so dark, they look black. I LOVE them.

I love these guys too! My two Giants fans. Game one of the World Series goes to the SF Giants, 11-7! Hummmmm Baby! Looking forward to game two tomorrow-after Quinn's last soccer game.

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