Thursday, October 7, 2010

Did you miss me yesterday? Yeah, I was asleep on the couch. Just when I thought things were getting better at school, all hell broke lose today. It started with my EL girl. She was howling and hanging onto her mother for dear life this morning. She did NOT want to come into the classroom. I feel bad for her. It's got to be so hard, not knowing what anybody is saying. She's been very happy, pointing at pictures in books for me to identify, smiling, trying to say things in English. She's very cute. I am not sure what happened today, but her mom could not get her inside. I called the office for assistance, and our secretary came down. It took two of us to get her inside the classroom. She is very strong. I am so thankful that her mom, willingly, handed her over, and simply walked away. She didn't try to hang around. Once we had her, the mom left. Between us, we got her just inside the classroom, and my secretary closed the door. I thought my student might try to leave. She didn't. She sat and cried. I sat with her for a little while, while the other 26 kids did who knows what? I wanted to cry too. I could feel her pain. I rubbed her back and spoke to her, then I let her be. I had to as 26 kids were on their own. She sat and cried for about an hour, then I went back and helped her to her feet, and to her desk. She was fine, all smiles after that. At least SHE was happy and content. Everyone else (well except for my 8 good seeds) fell apart after that. They can't listen. They can't sit. They sharpen their pencils non-stop. They talk talk talk. They complain about each other. They are bleeding. They have to pee. They want to go home. All of this makes for one tired, cranky girl. It was good to get home.
Today is Quinn's Thursday Folder day. This was the comment his teacher wrote in his folder today. See yesterday Quinn and I were watching the news. The story came on, a horrible story, about an 8 year old Fresno girl who had been kidnapped the day before. A good samaritan saw the story on the news, and saw the suspect's vehicle on TV. Then this guy is walking outside, and he sees the man's vehicle, driving by. This guy gets in his car and goes after the guy. He cuts him off twice, has words with the guy, and when a little girl's head pops up, he took action, cutting him off. The guy pushed the little girl out of the car. She's safe, and home, thankfully. The guy has been arrested. Anyway, so Quinn is watching and he says, about the good samaritan, "It's a good thing that guy wasn't apathetic." Apathetic is one of his spelling words this week. I was impressed that he used it correctly. I sent a private facebook message to his teacher, and today, this was the message in his Thursday Folder. Too funny huh?
After my crummy day, I went to get a pedi. I now have Halloween toes with spider webs and FAKE spiders. I am sure my students will talk non-stop about my toes tomorrow. Perhaps I should wear socks?

The Giants are playing the Braves tonight in game one of the playoffs. That's my rally rag! Go Giants (sorry Teri). It's a good game-still going on. The teams seem evenly matched. Should be a good series of games.

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