Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Saturday Without Soccer

No soccer for us this morning! Quinn's last game of the season was on Thursday. He is playing in a tournament Veteran's weekend, and then we are officially done. I don't think he wants to play next season. I think he would rather stick to baseball, which I registered him for on Wednesday-yay! So, we had a rather lazy Saturday. I was up and out early, meeting some friends for coffee, then I took the car to get an oil change, and made a little trip into Niles to check out the Christmas stuff at My Friends and I. I came home and then watched the Giants play. Not so good news for them today. They lost. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!
Quinn tidied up his room, and made his bed. Do you like how he has some of his stuffed animals reading the yellow Wimpy Kid book?
I got these two pumpkins at My Friends and I today. Cute!
While I watched the Giants lose, I beaded these spiders, using THIS TUTORIAL.
Quinn played around with Photo Booth, on his computer today, and took these pictures. This one reminds me of Beetlejuice (which we watched this evening).

The Scream a la Quinn! Weird or disturbing?

Strange morning at the Oil Changers place. I was sitting there and this man before me came in to pay for his car. From the side, he looked JUST like my dad! JUST LIKE HIM! So much, in fact, that I had to keep staring at him. I knew it couldn't be him, as my parents are at Disneyland this weekend. It was so strange and very distracting. I did take some pictures of the man, and texted them to my mom. So as if that wasn't distracting enough, there was another guy, and he was in a hurry-had to be somewhere, so he stood a lot. Then a youngish kid (12 or so) came in with a sort of youngish man-I don't think they were related. The kid was pretty good size, and he was all dressed up in cultural clothing: a white dress sort of thing with a bright orange scarf, over a gray vest. Very cool looking, but not what the teens are wearing. Usually it's just a head piece they wear, not the full attire. I asked him if he had some sort of celebration today, and the man with him said no, he just liked to wear the cultural clothing. Ok, whatever. We are all pretty used to it, but mostly it's the women, not the teens. Good for him. It looked pretty cool, and also rather comfortable. So this biggish in size kid, dressed in cultural clothing, then proceeded to eat several full size (not the fun size) candy bars all in a row. He had a plastic grocery bag, full of treats-Twix, Milky Way, etc. About this time, my "fake" dad comes back in and sits right next to me. I am cracking up at the texts between my mother and I, and Kevin and I, and my school friend Kay and I, so they must have thought I was very strange. Whatever. It made for an interesting morning. I got to leave before all of them though, well except for the late guy, and I wonder if that kid ate through his entire bag? I guess I'll never know.

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