Saturday, October 2, 2010

We got to go to a Giants game today! It was Scout day at AT&T Park. We've had the tickets forever, and what a great weekend to go. The giants are one win away from winning a spot in the play0ffs (and their division championship). It would have been great to see them win that today, but they lost. Oh well, we still had a TON of fun! It was a beautiful day too!
AT&T Park, from across McCovey Cove.
The giant baseball glove-it's a replica of a vintage four-fingered glove. It's made out of steel and fiber glass.
Quinn and Riley, before they lined up to walk on the field, with the Scouts, as part of the pre-game show.
They gave away a house, and after the winner was declared, there was a balloon release.
Up, up and away!
It's just too bad that our view sucked. Seriously, look at that view! The bay on such a beautiful, clear, warm day! The field is pretty too!
The giant coke bottle and giant glove, and a sea of orange. There are two slides inside the Coke bottle. Quinn went down three times!
Quinn waves his rally rag!
A sea of orange!
Look at the view from the other side of the ballpark! That's the Bay Bridge.
Quinn on the seal statue outside of the park. I love how the seal is balancing a baseball on his nose.

Kevin and the boys and Willie McCovey.

We had such a great great time at the game today. The Giants play the Padres again tomorrow, and hopefully they'll win! Go Giants!

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