Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Warning: there are lots of pictures in this post.
We took the boys, and the dog, to the Fremont Hub for Trick or Treating today. It was super crowded. We've gone some years and there's been hardly anybody, but perhaps because it's a weekend, people came out in droves.

My cute werewolf and gangster.
We took Maya along, in her Halloween costume, a banana split. She doesn't mind the dress part, but she kept shaking the banana hat off of her head. She was a big hit.
Quinn, picking his werewolf nose. I live with boys, what can I say?
LOOK! California has fall-there it is, 4 trees!
The Ghost house was already all packed up for the year. They are only open for two weeks, and are never open on Halloween.

Trader Joe's was part of the Trick or Treating at the Hub. We also found Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald, both running for Fremont City Council, outside of Trader Joe's. We are all for the two of them-they are against housing development in our city. We have no room for more housing, as the students won't fit into the schools near the proposed site.
Gourds. I just love the look of them.
This is Maya's Halloween toy. We have been tormenting her for days with it, but we let her have it today.
While the boys were Trick or Treating, Kevin let Maya play with her pumpkin.

Maya "carved" her own pumpkin. The squeaker is gone, and so is every bit of stuffing.

We also took the boys out Trick or Treating in the neighborhood tonight. They got a TON of candy. Quinn couldn't even carry his bag. I need to invent a rolling Halloween bag. It would be much easier. We kept tabs on the Giants game as we Trick or Treated. Who had the idea to play a baseball game on Halloween night anyway? We got home in time to watch the last pitch, and see the Giants celebrate their win. One more to go!

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