Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Very Random Tuesday Stuff

I didn't get around to blogging yesterday. It was a crazy busy day, and I fell asleep super early on the couch, then woke up and went to bed at 11:30 pm. I'm still tired today, and I can't seem to shake this headache. I've been dizzy in the mornings for awhile, and my ears have felt very stuffy. My ears feel more clear now, and I am less dizzy, but this headache is really bugging me. I think it's been 4 days. I pick up my new glasses tomorrow, and I'm thinking maybe that's why I am having headaches-because maybe the change in eyesight is giving me headaches. Perhaps I am just dead tired. Each day is a struggle at school. I got a new student on Friday, and she's the toughest one yet! Defiant and ALL OVER the place. The one plus is that her behavior is causing my other "superstars" to stop their annoying behaviors and stare at her like she has two heads. It's an interesting dynamic. Anyway, here are some completely random pictures from today and yesterday, in between my sleeping on the couch.
Here's an action shot of Quinn, during his game tonight. Doesn't he look like a soccer star? Go Barcelona-that's the name of Quinn's soccer team.
When Quinn and I got home from school today, we found Matilda sprawled out across Kevin's car, sound asleep. She woke up when she heard us pull into the driveway. She rolled all around on her back, looking cute.
I had another great mail day yesterday! I got all of these goodies from my friend Noelle, and her daughter, in Maryland! Cool huh? I thought so too!
I made a bracelet yesterday too. I used a recycled watchband. I'm very happy with it. I have two more bands, but they are thicker, and I am struggling with figuring out the ends, and how to connect to something in the middle. I'll work it out though.
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States of America chooses THIS pumpkin.
I made my own cinnamon toasted almonds last night. I used a recipe from allrecipes.com.

They are ok. Not nearly as good as the ballpark almonds, but ok. Next time I'm going to try the recipe with brown sugar. I love brown sugar. Yum.

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