Saturday, October 23, 2010

Well, Hello There!

Sorry for the extra long absence. It's been crazy busy. Things are just not settling down at school, so I come home and after homework, meetings, boy events, appointments, etc. I crash. Exhausted. I really don't know how I will make it to the end of the school year. This is a tough school year both kid-wise and workload-wise. I struggle daily with behavior-NEVER had a group like this, and organization of kids AND their parents-the parents are the hardest part! Clueless. Not all of them, but enough of them. It's been one frustration after another, and the bottom line is, I am not enjoying my job at all. I can't teach the way I normally do. I am disappointed that my style has to be so different this year, but when I have kids that can't sit still and listen, and parents who can't seem to make them, then I have to change my style. It's not working for me. I want to work at Target. Anyway, there's been no crafty stuff going on, and my house is a wreck, but we did get out last night...
This is the sky over Fremont, last night. Cool huh? Yes I took this while I was driving. I am a bad bad girl. It was worth it though, because look at that sky!!
We went to Halloween City and the Spirit store last night, for Halloween costumes. I put a quick end to Riley trying to saw his brother in half-that kind of behavior just won't be tolerated.
The Spirit store had Toy Story 3 cut outs, and costumes. I want to be Mrs. Potato Head, but they don't have an adult costume. We get to wear costumes to school for the first time in forever. I think I will dress up as a Target employee. Red shirt, khaki pants, name tag.
Lately, all I can think about is this place. Disney World.

Ahhh. Kevin and I will be going in December, for our anniversary, and we are so mean. We are not taking our children.

Oh, we did get out Thursday night. We went to my sister in-laws house for birthday dinner. My two nieces and my mother in-law have October birthdays. We had a really good time. It's amazing that 5 kids can play together without any fighting at all. The boys love to visit with their girl cousins. The only bad part was that the Giants lost game 5, so they have to play again-actually tonight! Go Giants!

I am heading to a baby shower now, and Quinn's at his soccer game. Perhaps I'll be back later. Have a great Saturday.

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