Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Animal Kingdom

I promise that tomorrow will be my last Disney World post. You are probably sick of me. Here are some of my favorite shots from our visits to Animal Kingdom. Kevin and I love this park!
Freezing in Florida. It was SO cold while we were there. I had to purchase gloves as I didn't bring any, and I could have used a hat and scarf as well. Under my windbreaker are three more layers of clothing, and I was still cold.
This is one of the two best rides in the Animal Kingdom. Expedition Everest. It's so much fun! The other best ride is the safari.
Uh oh! The track seems to have been destroyed by a Yeti. Oh what a bummer.
I am super proud of this picture. I really have no idea what kind of bird this little guy is (I didn't pay attention to the paper guide thing provided), but he/she is beautiful. I love that my camera really picked up the colors and details of the bird.
Look at this! This little girl is almost 10 months old. Have you ever seen anything cuter? She's lying next to her dad. He wasn't that thrilled to have her around while he was trying to sleep. If you check out the link for the rest of my photos, you will see the dad, sleeping. He looks like a dad sleeping on a couch.

The owl on the Tree of Life. I love owls, and I love the detail of this owl.

If you want to see more Animal Kingdom pictures, CLICK HERE. Oh, and also included are some shots of a Meerkat, in a very relaxed pose. It's super adorable.

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