Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kilimanjaro Safari

The Kilimanjaro Safari is AWESOME! Kevin and I rode this one 6 times! It's different every time, and amazing. The animals are super close.
I love this picture. Can you see her tongue? Cute huh? I love the 12x zoom on my SLR camera. I love giraffes. They and monkeys are my favorite animals.
At least this hippo isn't wiggling its ears-according to the Jungle Cruise, that's bad news.
A cheetah! Isn't it nice the way it posed for me?
The female lion was tired. She needs her beauty sleep of between 18-20 hours a day.

The male lion finally became a little more active, but on this day, it was close to the last truck, so it was most likely his dinner time. He was pacing back and forth. He is so cool.

If you want to see more safari pictures, CLICK HERE.

It's your lucky day, because it's a two post day!!! Animal Kingdom pictures are just below this post. Tomorrow Epcot and Miscellaneous things. Excited???

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