Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Epcot, World Showcase and Misc.

This is my last Disney World post. I have organized all of my pictures, and now I really need to finish unpacking. We got back late Sunday, and then life happened. It's been a busy week.
Epcot-that big ball is Spaceship Earth, a ride.
The Monorail and the Upside Down Fountain.
Kevin the Viking, enjoying a beer with a troll, in the World Showcase's Norway.
Part of the United Kingdom. Look, I managed to get a picture without a jillion people in the way!
Germany! Not so lucky with the people here though. I think it was first thing in the morning, when we were in United Kingdom, so that's why there weren't any people yet.
China. I love that round building. The ceiling is incredible!
See? Incredible.

This is inside the gift shop at the Polynesian. I love it. Clever.

If you want to see the remainder of my pictures, CLICK HERE and HERE.

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