Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just About Ready

Here's our tree. It looks like it's leaning. I wonder what's up with that? The boys helped with the tree decorating this year. Other than to move ornaments sharing the same branch, I left the ornaments just as the boys put them on. I just had to let the spacing of them go. They did a great job, and it's up.
I have our presents wrapped and ready for Christmas, but nobody else's are wrapped. Tomorrow. Lots to do tomorrow.
I think I show you these snowmen every year. I love them. I made them myself from directions that I got from a magazine. I bought the little diamonds this year, at Pier One. They are so cute! Quinn is fascinated with them.
We're rich! Rich I say!!! He's mesmerized by the diamonds.

Here's an ornament we bought while visiting Disney World. It has the "hot dogs," from all four parks. While putting up our tree this year, I realized how many Disney ornaments we have. I think I will do a Disney tree next year.

You are in luck today, because following this, a bonus post! It's a good one too!!

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