Monday, December 27, 2010

Oakland Zoo

Kevin and I took the boys to the Oakland Zoo today. We met up with one of my college friends, her husband and her son. It was lots of fun. Perfect weather-no rain. Lots of cool animals!
We almost got an education in giraffe breeding, as these two appeared to be "in love." The male was ready to go, but when he tried, the female walked away. The male then hung his head really low as he walked away. Rejected again. Quite funny-for us, not for him.
A giraffe huddle?
The Oakland Zoo still has elephants! They are spectacular. They have a nice enclosure too and seem happy. The San Francisco Zoo hasn't had elephants for awhile, and when they did, they were in these horrible cement enclosures.
Check this guy out! Posing for pictures seems to be a hobby for this river otter. Super cute!
Quinn is an upside down tortoise.

Alligators. Super cool.
Look at those teeth!! I climbed in the enclosure to get this picture...JUST kidding. I zoomed with my camera. I love my camera's zoom. It looks like I am inside though. I am smarter than that though, and I value my life. That reminds me of those guys who tormented the tiger at the SF Zoo until she jumped out of her enclosure. Oh, and let's not forget the crazy that climbed into to grizzly bear enclosure-also at the SF Zoo. From them, I learned not to torment tigers, and to stay out of the enclosures of animals that can eat me.
Riley, grooming a goat, and looking pretty happy about it too.
Quinn walking on lily pads.

This chimpanzee was sitting on a tire, right by the glass. He just sat there and watched the people, watching him. Amazing. His hands and fingers so human-like. He seemed to like the little kids best though. He would stare at them.

It had been awhile since we had visited the Oakland Zoo. The boys were just there for Zoo Lights, while Kevin and I were in Florida. I hadn't been for quite awhile, and they have made so many great improvements. We bought a membership so now we can go back! Yay Oakland Zoo!

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