Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Little Crafty

I set today aside so that I could do a little sewing. I decided to tackle a dress from my Simplicity pattern for Blythe clothes. The pattern was kind of hard to follow-not as many details as I would have liked, and I had to text my mom to find out what the heck a "yoke" was. My first attempt at the bodice was unsuccessful. It's really hard to stitch little tiny seams. I decided to double it, and sew from the wrong sides, and flip it. It was easier and a lot thicker for the skirt part. The skirt directions were strange, so I just improvised.
This is my final product. I didn't intent to do the bottom red layer of the skirt, but when I looked at it, before it was sewn, I thought it would be too short, so I added the red. I'm happy with it, but I will make some tweaks to it.

Accessorized with a jacket, hat and boots, and her pal Arden. Oh and that cute little reindeer I just got in the mail. I packed away all of my Christmas stuff, except for our tree, this reindeer, and a few snowmen. It had to be done before I go back to school, because who knows how long it would take me to put it away then. It's done, and I am happy. I am also working on a little bear, that I will probably give to Quinn. So far, the bear is cute. I hope to finish him tomorrow night or Thursday.

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