Monday, December 13, 2010

Magic Kingdom!

The Magic Kingdom, the Disneyland of Disney World. I love it. Many of the rides are not as good as the original rides at Disneyland, but they are fun nonetheless! Their Peter Pan ride is better than Disneyland's though-it's longer. Magic Kingdom is also the trickiest park to get into. It involves parking in the lot, a possible lot tram, and then taking either a ferry boat or the Monorail over. If you stay at one of the Magic Kingdom resorts, you cut out the parking lot part as you can hop on the Monorail (with everyone else and their entire extended families) and head over.
The entrance into the parking area. If you plan on going, go early. Your parking spot will be much closer to the transportation center. They have TONS of parking, and it goes way far away from the park. You have to take the shuttle if you go late, and have to park so far out.
Balloons! I wonder how many of these balloons they sell each day, and how many get popped or lost? Some of them aren't cheap either.
Walt and Mickey! It all started with a man and a mouse.

Cinderella's Castle. It's so tall!
Look at how cute! Bush Mickey and Minnie!
I love the look of all of the stuffed toys. I should have tidied up that purple row of Princess Minnies though.
The groundsmen painted pictures in water, on the sidewalks. Super cool.

Kevin and a tiki. We went to see the Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management show. I hate it. It's not the original show, and it's dumb. I wanted to skip it, but we needed to sit for awhile, and warm up, so we sat through it. It's too bad too, because the line and the outside of the attraction are awesome!

We also took a tour Keys to the Kingdom. It was really good-4 1/2 hours, and we got lunch! We got to ride our own Jungle Cruise boat-learning some secrets about the ride. For example, in the scene with the natives trying to shoot their spears at the boats, you can hear them talking to each other in native tongue, but if you listen closely, one of them says, "I love disco." It's true, I heard it myself! We also got a tour of the Utilidoors! The Magic Kingdom is actually built on the second floor as Florida is at sea level, and Walt really wanted underground tunnels. So the "first" floor is underground. There's a system of corridors that run under the entire park where cast members can travel to and fro, keeping the theming at each land authentic-no cowboys walking through Tomorrowland etc, which would wreck the magic. We couldn't take any pictures, but it was awesome!!

If you want to see more Magic Kingdom pictures, CLICK HERE. I picked the best ones, but I took a TON more pictures.

Oh yeah, keep reading. This is a double post day. Tomorrow I will post Animal Kingdom and the Kilimanjaro Safari pictures.

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