Sunday, December 5, 2010

Epcot/World Showcase

Our first full day at Disney World, and we spent it all at Epcot/World Showcase. We spent over 12 hours at the park. My feet hurt. In fact, I walked 26,894 steps, a total of 19.52 miles. I burned 1,438 calories! My feet hurt.
Here I am before we entered the park, and before my hair got completely wrecked in the tiny bits of rain and large amounts of wind.
This Monorail was just sitting up there forever. I figured it was just posing for a perfect picture, so I took one, or three.
Kevin and his little sombrero, in the Mexico pavilion of World Showcase.
Across the lake from Japan.

I took a bunch of pictures, but I am so tired. I just picked a few to show, and I will organize the rest onto Flickr soon. It was a great day. Busy, but lots of fun.
This is a video made during the Spaceship Earth ride. We rode the ride twice so that we could do two videos. I had my head at a funny angle when we took the picture. It was before I knew what the picture was for. The second video my head was right.

Tomorrow, Magic Kingdom.

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