Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a great two days! Nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with family.
I made a turkey, and had my parents and Kevin's parents over for dinner. This was a big turkey-18 lbs. He was very yummy and the house smelled great!
My table, set for dinner.
My mom brought this yule log (Buche de Noel) for dessert. It was really chocolatey and very yummy. I love the mushrooms on the cake.
The boys got lots of stuff. Lots. Do you think they are lacking in Star Wars Lego sets? They are all built already too.
Pure joy as both boys got DSi games from Kevin and I. They expected Santa to leave them, but he left them a Lego set instead. They are both thrilled with their DSi's and some new games.
My mom and dad got me this! Super cool. It's made from vintage tin pieces. LOVE it!
My MIL and FIL gave me this! A Heather Bailey pattern-those are lunch bags, super cute. The fabric is laminated. So fun! LOVE them!
I got this mini Blythe doll (Blythe loves Little Pet Shop), from my SIL and BIL and nieces. Isn't she cute? I already made her my avatar for Instagram-an app that I can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. LOVE her!
Kevin got me this case for my iPhone. I searched every store at every Disney park in Disney World and could not find this case. I could find the other ones in the series, but not Mickey. Kevin found him on the internet, and ordered him for me! LOVE him!
I installed some crazy apps on my phone. This one is called Photo Antlers, and you can put things on the heads of your photo subject. Riley got bunny ears.

Quinn got antlers. Tons of fun.

What a great Christmas! I hope everyone had a great day! Now I'm feeling a little restless because I suddenly have nothing to do.

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