Thursday, December 30, 2010

UCONN vs. Stanford

I think I may have mentioned that my in-laws were expecting company this week. Or, maybe I didn't. Relatives from Connecticut were due here the day after Christmas. With the weather so bad, their flight was cancelled and rescheduled for last Tuesday. Well, Tuesday came and their flight was cancelled again, and unable to reschedule until January 7! Soooo... they were unable to come out at this time. Bummer. We were all looking forward to the visit. One of the things my in-laws had planned was for all of them to go to the UCONN vs. Stanford women's basketball game, for some healthy family rivalry. Since they couldn't make it, Kevin, the boys and I got to go in their places! What a game!!
We showed up all decked out in Stanford colors! All 6 of us-and we soon joined 7,000 others who had the same idea. Imagine that. There were an assortment on UCONN fans, but it was mostly Cardinal red. The guy behind me was for UCONN. He was rather obnoxious about it too, and they left kind of early. Hmmm. I thought I might be in the middle of an opposing sides brawl, with the guy in front of me yelling "Go Stanford!" everytime the guy behind me yelled, "Go UCONN!" Lucky for me, they were mostly mature.
The teams are warming up. You can see the band back there. They were very lively.
The Stanford Tree. He danced around any chance he got. Such a happy tree. What a gig too. He gets to go to all of the sporting games and participate. I believe there's some big football game coming up soon too-wonder where I could have heard that? (Picture my finger on my chin, pondering).
Half time break. These guys were cool, from Shaolin Kung Fu-apparently, they are Monks!! My MIL said it was much better entertainment than the usual 7 year old girls shooting baskets.
The game intensifies. It was nail-biting. Stanford never lost the lead, but they got within 4 points.
Penalty shots galore. Lots of falling all over the floor too-a lot like soccer.
Stanford WINS!!! 71-59

Let the celebration begin!!! We were so thankful that we were able to go. We are sad that the relatives couldn't make it because the weather on the East Coast sucks so badly, but we were more than happy to take their places.

PS: I updated my Etsy shop, so go have a look! I still have more bracelets to add, but this is a good start.

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