Saturday, December 4, 2010

Road to Disney

Well, after a crazy, busy, frustrating week at school, I am off for the next week! Kevin and I are in Florida...Disney World more specifically. This is our anniversary present. 15 years ago we celebrated our wedding with a trip to Disney World. It's weird to not have the boys with us though.
We left the house at dark o'clock (4:15 am) for our 6:20 am flight. Two smooth flights, and we landed 15 minutes early in Orlando! The views from the plane were pretty spectacular.
It's like the Peter Pan ride! You can fly. You can fly. You can fly!!!
Lots of water in these parts!
We are staying at Port Orleans French Quarter. That's Kevin waving way back there. We have a courtyard view.

Now I really really want to go to New Orleans! I love the building structures! Kevin even got Mardi Gras beads when he bought some stuff in the lobby gift shop.
Speaking of the gift shop, there it is!
Cajun band playing gators!
One of two Christmas trees in the hotel lobby.

We took the water ferry from our hotel, to Downtown Disney/Disney Marketplace. We wandered around there for awhile. It was packed with people.

This big guy (and the big squid looking guy behind him) are in the T-Rex restaurant. It's like Rainforest Cafe, but with dinosaurs. It was pretty cool, and the line to eat was amazingly long. We wandered through the gift shop part. I took a little video of this big guy moving and roaring. Pretty impressive.

We are pretty tired from our long day. I think we will be heading to bed early tonight. Tomorrow, Epcot! That's my FAVORITE park. I love the World Showcase, oh and the Test Track ride. So much fun!! It's supposed to be 70 degrees. Nice.

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